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Immediate Ordinations - Valid in ALL 50 States

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers


Question: If I have to prove that my ordination with your church is real and legal, can you verify my ordination?

Answer:  Yes, we can.   We record everyone we ordain.  This enables us to verify your ordination if you request us to do that.


Question:  My daughter (son, friend, etc.) is engaged and she wants me to perform the wedding for her and her fiancé.  Can I officiate at my daughter's wedding if I'm ordained in your church?

Answer:  Yes, you can marry your daughter and her fiancé,  or other relatives and friends, as long as they and you do so according to local law.


Question:  If I'm ordained by your church, do I have to be called "Rev"?  If not, what other titles could I have?

Answer:  You may have any religious title of your choice:   Minister; Reverend; Pastor; Sister; Brother; Rabbi; Priest or Priestess, etc.


Question:  Will other churches recognize my ordination?

Answer:  Other churches can do what they wish.   Some recognize only their own church and reject all others.


Question:  If I'm ordained with your church, can I perform marriages?

Answer:  Yes, you can perform marriages, but some states or other jurisdictions require you to register first. 


Question:  As a minister in your church, can I do healing work with people who are sick?

Answer:  Yes, you can do healing work with the sick as long as you have the ability to do that and you do not diagnose or treat any disease You may serve as a conduit for spiritual/religious healing.  However, medical diagnosis and treatment are functions legally reserved for appropriately trained and licensed medical professionals


Question:  If I'm ordained by Celebration Community Church, can I make prison visits?

Answer:  Many of our ministers have been allowed to make prison visits.   Sometimes our ministers are required to get a letter of approval from the American Fellowship Church


Question:  As an Celebration Community Church minister, can I do counseling?

Answer:  You may do counseling as a clergy person if you have the ability and/or training to do that in a competent manner. 


Question:  How much training do I need to be ordained as a minister with the Celebration Community Church?

Answer:  You don't need any training for ministry with our church 


Question: I feel called in my heart to be ordained but I don't want to practice traditional ministry.  Do I qualify for ordination in your church?

Answer:  Absolutely.   Many people do exactly that.  They follow their heart's calling to ordination.


Question: In what religion will my ordination be registered?
Answer:  The registration certifies you as a non-denominational Christian minister (also known as a pastor). This gives you the option to choose to practice your faith according to any denominational Christian teachings.

Question:  What ceremonies does my ordination permit me to perform? Answer: The official list of ceremonies is: Marriage, Baby Naming, Funeral,      Hand Fasting, Commitment, Affirmation of Love, Invocations, Renewal of Marriage, and holiday ceremonies.  However if your religious traditions include ceremonies not mentioned here you may also perform them as long as they break no law and harm no one.  You are prohibited from performing ceremonies that involve exorcism, circumcision and animal sacrifice.

Question: Is my ministry automatically Tax Exempt?
Answer:  NO…You must file for non-profit status with the IRS.


Question:  Why should I get any credentials when I become ordained?
Answer: Most areas will require you to record your ordination with the local government to legally perform marriages, etc.  There are other times that you may be asked to show some ID to prove your ordination as well.


     Question:  Is my personal information kept confidential?
     Answer: YES…We will not give out your contact information without your approval.
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