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Minister Accessories

Ordination Identification Card

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You will receive a Personalized Laminated Ordination Identification Card

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Personalized Laminated Ordination Identification Cards are shipped the following business day. 

Please allow 3-5 business days for delivery.

Ordination Identification Card

Application Process

Step #1 - Complete and submit the Ordination Application below

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Certificate of Ordination
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If you have been asked to perform a wedding ceremony...or....

 you would like someone you know to perform your wedding ceremony... or...

 a wedding ceremony for a friend or family member,

you have come to the right place.

As a LEGALLY ordained minister you can officiate wedding ceremonies, funerals, baptisms and other functions of the clergy.

Ordinations are recognized in all 50 States.

        Marriage laws vary from State to State and County to County. In all States and Counties you will need to have your Ordination Certificate, this is your official credential. County clerks will require this as proof of your Ordination. Register as a wedding officiant or minister by simply presenting your official credentials to the County Clerk or the local government agency that issues marriage licenses. They may have additional paperwork for you to complete to be an officiant in their county.

We understand that many of our ministers have no prior experience performing marriage and that's okay.

The legal dimension of marriage involves the proper filing, completion, and return of the marriage license.

Once these basic clerical duties are understood, the minister can focus on providing a meaningful wedding ceremony.

How it Works

Once your request and $4.99 payment is submitted ...

#1.  You are officially on church records as an ordained minister.

#2.  You will receive an email confirmation with an attached,
printable, personalized ordination certificate.

. You are then ready to begin your journey as an ordained, non-denominational, interfaith minister.

CLICK HERE to apply for Ordination.

Other ministries offer FREE ordinations… BUT…
when filing a marriage license, for example, you will need to identify yourself as clergy and proper credentials will be necessary. 

Other ministries offer these credentials for a fee… + shipping and handling.
Sometimes charging upwards to $75 for an “ordination identification package”..including laminated identification card, booklets, etc. which are NOT necessary.


A personalized ordination certificate will be all you need. A laminated identification card, parking decal, etc…although, nice to have.. again, is NOT at all necessary and NOT required by law.

A $4.99 administrative fee is the ONLY cost of our service.   This fee provides us with the necessary funds to cover expenses associated with the ordination filing process and ordination records of our church.

 If interested in becoming an ordained, non-denominational, interfaith minister...and to be granted the right to legally perform wedding ceremonies. baptisms and all functions of the clergy.  

Please click below to be automatically directed to the easy and immediate ordination application.

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U.S. Marriage License Laws - Get the facts before you go to apply for a marriage license.

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